We just released these new packages

Digital Audit

A systematic process that provides a clear understanding of how your business compares to digital best practice and your direct competition. The basic package focuses on your Marketing Strategy and Budget. The advanced package covers 5 additional core areas of the business, including 40+ evaluation criteria, which together provides insights into how digitally optimized the business is. The final report includes top recommendations on what, where, and how to digitally transform and optimize.


  • Key Trends and Insights impacting the business

  • Summary of research & key findings

  • SWOT Analysis and recommendation for impactful short-term and mid-term digital initatives3

  • 5 Big Opportunities to optimize and transform your digital presence and marketing

Advanced Package:

  • What does it mean to be a Digital Business and where are your gaps?

  • 5 opportunities for core area of business (including 40+ evaluation criteria)

  • High-level roadmap how to advance with your Digital Transformation

Basic Package: €3,000

Advanced Package: €5,000

Digital Innovation Workshop (1 full day, including Advanced Digital Audit)

Effective collaboration is a powerful mechanism to get things done. Hook Consulting is an expert at running effective workshops with the goal of making firm decisions. Supported by systematic preparation, follow-on actions, and run via a tight project delivery approach. We do the heavy lifting, which allows our clients to focus on digital innovation, and move the business forward


  • Advanced Digital Audit

  • Full-day workshop customized to each client, applying the principles of Human-Centered Design, Jobs To Be Done and the Digital Innovation Framework

  • 3 disruptive solutions and high-level roadmap how to bring them to life

  • 2 follow-up Skye sessions with the team to optimize progress

Digital Innovation Workshop: €8,000

Digital Transformation Journey (2 full days, including Advanced Digital Audit)

The key output of this workshop will be a roadmap which will clearly identify various steams / themes distributed over four key action areas of people, process, products and partner and will have identified owners with actions, timelines and priorities for each of the task. This will be a great kickstarter to launch or enhance your Digital transformation journey. This offering includes 2 guest speakers about 2 topics you identified in advance as biggest challenges in your transformation journey.


  • Advanced Digital Audit

  • 2 guest speakers focusing on specific needs of client

  • Defining the current business priorities via a vision workshop

  • Creating a Digital Strategy

  • 5 step approach from Strategy to Execution

  • Concept of Design Thinking / Problem Thinking

  • Creating a Digital leadership culture within an organization

  • How are we effectively utilizing critical resources such as people, process and products to achieve this objectives?

  • How to create a Digital transformation roadmap for your organization

  • Digital transformation in relation to customer experience / Operations / Current Business Models

  • What could be the challenges and possible solutions in this journey?

  • Continual Analysis / Evaluation/ Reporting / Improvement

  • 3 follow-up Skype sessions with stakeholders

Digital Transformation Journey: €10,000